Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poor Tree

It finally snowed yesterday. Consequently, people drive crazy.

Someone took our corner too fast and crashed into our tree. Broke the poor thing right in half. Oh yeah, they took off without saying a word! Good thing, and bad thing, my neighbor was out in her driveway. She saw the whole thing. I'm glad it was our tree and not her! After looking at the damage, I got a call from another neighbor who is actually on a different street, but has a high house. Here husband saw the car from their bedroom window. They didn't see the crash but saw the speeding car. They told me who they thought it was and I spent all day trying to decide what to do. I thought it would be better if they came clean on their own instead of getting a phone call from me.

Today, the police officer involved told us that they know who did it. She had called it in but had a slightly different story. It WASN'T who I thought it was. The type of car was right, but not the person. Boy am I glad I didn't accuse anyone. Anyways, she came back to our house at 4:00 in the morning. Called the police and said that it had just happened. She then said that another car was going to hit her and she had to swerve into the tree. Later, the police got the truth from her. OMG! If she would have just stopped in the first place, it would have been a lot easier. We weren't even mad. We just did know what to do so we reported it to the police. Anyways, case closed. I was fully entertained.

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Tam said...

Nothing like a big fat lie to rile me up. Justin always tells me the stories people come up with at his hotel to try and cover up the truth. Many times there is tons of evidence and there are witnesses so it it kind of hilarious to see what they try to come up with. Oh man, just fess up already!