Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So, I went to the DI this morning and found some of these cool jammies:I thought they would be SOOO AWESOME for Christmas. Anyways, I didnt end up getting them because I was too tall. Lets just say a certain desert animal came to mind when trying them on. So, I have Audrey with me and we are in the dressing room. She was being a little pill but after time she just laid on the floor and spied out under the door. Just as I zip the jammies up and take a look at my cool self, Audrey bolts under the door with an insanly fast army crawl. I reach for the door and almost step out to catch her but then remember the not so awesome jammies I have on. I take a look at myself in new eyes and decide I dont want the whole store to see me chasing my little munchkin in long johns. So I hurry and get dressed. By the time I get out of the dressing room, she is long gone. Her favorite game in clothing stores is to sneek in a clothes rack and see if mommy can find me. So I get on my hands and knees and looks for two little legs....nothing. I asked the people that were around me.......idiots. I really doubt they didnt hear me yelling and threatening her when she bolted. Finally, I hear her laughing at me and spot her. There she is, climbing on the clothing rack like they were monkey bars. Needless to say, she was buckled right into the shopping cart and we went straight home. I wish she had a concept of Santa Claus so I could tell her that he is not comming tomorrow!


Alicia said...

HA HA, so hilarious. I wish you would have ran out with the jammies. That would have had me on the floor laughing. You know those jammies are like $40 at Shopko.

Heidi said...

That is so funny! Next time take a picture so we all don't have to picture it in our heads!