Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally! The deck is done

It's been four long months, but we have finally finished our Deck. I still have some decorating to do but maybe I will wait until next summer. I'm just glad to be done.

And......since I never get credit for this kind of thing, Im going to mention how much I actually did. If you know Matt, you know that he likes to be busy. We both got kind of sick of him spending ALL of his free time on the deck, so I decided to take over. I kind of have more time than Matt, especially durring nap times and while Audrey would be playing outside.

Matt did most of the framing and the cutting but I did most of the floor and putting the stuff on. I also did all of the railing except for the areas that Matt had to redo cuz he's a big perfectionist.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I finally figured out how to embed a video to my sidebar. If you missed the TruTv episode check it out to the left. Enjoy

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bike Jump Fans

OK fans, just wanted to let everyone know that my most embarrassing moment, take two, will be airing on Wednesday (Sept 17th). The show is called "Most Daring" and is aired on TruTV. Hopfully my interview isnt too embarrassing, go easy on me. Go easy on Matt too, they swindled an interveiw out of him this time. He said they made him say all sorts of mushy stuff. This outta be good.

As far as times go....I dont really know. Eastern time, it will be aired at 9:00pm. I looked it up on and here is what I got for the Salt Lake area.

Direct TV ch 246 7pm

Comcast ch 44 10pm

I dont have either Direct TV or Comcast so I dont really how all of this works. Hopefully you can figure it out.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book Review

If you didn't know, Im one of those "Twilight" fans. I just finished "Breaking Dawn" yesterday. Everyone I know finished weeks ago so I guess I'm slow. If you havn't read it and you like chick books, you might like it. I did like it, but I dont think I loved it more than the average person. Most of it was a little gooey mushy for me, but it was a good story.

I also finished "Pillars of the Earth". I actually found out about this book through our ward book club. The book club never happened because the ward split shortly after, but I thought I would check out some of the books anyways. I also heard a bunch of people raving about it on Oprah.

So I got it from the library. I have to say I REALLY liked it, but................. it is NOT for the weak hearted. Let me repeat........... if you have a weak heart, stomach, or bladder..... skip it. I was so shocked that this was on our ward book list. I actually cant stop laughing about it. I wish I knew who recommended it. At least to me, this book was really violent and sexually explicit. Once I realized this, I was already into the story and didn't exactly put it aside . AND to top it off because it was so good, I'm now reading "World without End" which is the sequel. Anyways, I liked it.


We went to Jordanelle on Saturday. I'm soooo glad we are friends with the Fawcett's so that we can go boating once a year. OH and they're nice people too.
I was a little worried, because IT WAS COLD! Luckily, it warmed up later. I still didn't go skiing though, cuz Im a wimp. The water was choppy and cold and again, Im a wimp. My favorite part is really just riding in the boat. OMGosh Im old and a wimp. OH well.
Of course I took pictures...............
This is our family picture. There's me in the right with camera and Audrey on the left. This was Matt's idea. Ok it wasn't and I think it's actually Brent on the left, not Audrey.

I think this is why Audrey came home sick and why I am still sick myself......
Where's your mother!!?

Matt is so sick of me taking pictures of him. I had to remind him to smile.
It's hard to shoot a moving target