Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bike Jump Fans

OK fans, just wanted to let everyone know that my most embarrassing moment, take two, will be airing on Wednesday (Sept 17th). The show is called "Most Daring" and is aired on TruTV. Hopfully my interview isnt too embarrassing, go easy on me. Go easy on Matt too, they swindled an interveiw out of him this time. He said they made him say all sorts of mushy stuff. This outta be good.

As far as times go....I dont really know. Eastern time, it will be aired at 9:00pm. I looked it up on and here is what I got for the Salt Lake area.

Direct TV ch 246 7pm

Comcast ch 44 10pm

I dont have either Direct TV or Comcast so I dont really how all of this works. Hopefully you can figure it out.


Melinda said...

K. I set the DVR! We are set! Looking forward to watching it! :D

Robert and Tiffany said...

Hey Summer! Thanks for the e-mail. Robert shows your biking video from youtube all the time. We've also seen it on Country Fried Videos, so we'll have to tune in Wednesday!

Cam said...

It would be fun to see, I wonder if Mom and Dad have that channel on direct TV?
I also wanted to tell you your new family picture is ADORABLE! I hope Matt didn't give you a hard time with it.
Anyway, I hope the bike video thing goes well.

Talk to Ya Soon,

McRae Clan said...

Okay....I'm gonna watch it...I too with record it on my DVR..thanks for the info.

My email address is Email me your address so I can see how close you are to me.

McOmie Family said...

I watched it! Of course they had to put it at the end and we had to watch all the other crazy "wild women" :) I also by chance saw the end of your other one on CMT. That is so crazy! Your husband is so sweet!

Tam said...


We had fun watching the show again even though every time I see it I never know whether I should be laughing or crying. I always think it is great that you were so adventurous to give it a good try though! Woo...Go Summer.

Rachelle said...

Hey, saw that you left me a comment, how are ya? I LOVE your family picat the top of your blog, it is way cute!

Shonnie said...

Summer you are so going to hate me I was going to watch it and found that Fred and Kim don't have cable. So
I tried calling my friend who does and she wasn't home. Do you know if anyone recorded it. The Schmidt family would really like to watch the interview. Oh, by the way we need to hang out so Darren show off his cowboy hat he go.