Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We went to Jordanelle on Saturday. I'm soooo glad we are friends with the Fawcett's so that we can go boating once a year. OH and they're nice people too.
I was a little worried, because IT WAS COLD! Luckily, it warmed up later. I still didn't go skiing though, cuz Im a wimp. The water was choppy and cold and again, Im a wimp. My favorite part is really just riding in the boat. OMGosh Im old and a wimp. OH well.
Of course I took pictures...............
This is our family picture. There's me in the right with camera and Audrey on the left. This was Matt's idea. Ok it wasn't and I think it's actually Brent on the left, not Audrey.

I think this is why Audrey came home sick and why I am still sick myself......
Where's your mother!!?

Matt is so sick of me taking pictures of him. I had to remind him to smile.
It's hard to shoot a moving target

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