Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book Review

If you didn't know, Im one of those "Twilight" fans. I just finished "Breaking Dawn" yesterday. Everyone I know finished weeks ago so I guess I'm slow. If you havn't read it and you like chick books, you might like it. I did like it, but I dont think I loved it more than the average person. Most of it was a little gooey mushy for me, but it was a good story.

I also finished "Pillars of the Earth". I actually found out about this book through our ward book club. The book club never happened because the ward split shortly after, but I thought I would check out some of the books anyways. I also heard a bunch of people raving about it on Oprah.

So I got it from the library. I have to say I REALLY liked it, but................. it is NOT for the weak hearted. Let me repeat........... if you have a weak heart, stomach, or bladder..... skip it. I was so shocked that this was on our ward book list. I actually cant stop laughing about it. I wish I knew who recommended it. At least to me, this book was really violent and sexually explicit. Once I realized this, I was already into the story and didn't exactly put it aside . AND to top it off because it was so good, I'm now reading "World without End" which is the sequel. Anyways, I liked it.


CurtisOhana said...

Hey! I found your blog on Kris' and wanted to say hi. I haven't seen you in ages! I hope you are doing great! Drop me a line when you get a chance.
My blog is kaleocurtisohana.blogspot.
Megan (Truman)

McRae Clan said...

You know I haven't read any of them and probably won't until my life is a little less crazy...oh wait does that happen after kids? We'll see..Thanks for the amazes me how popular this series is...

Summer said...

I have to mention. Most of the books I "read" are audio books. This way I can do dishes and read etc!