Thursday, January 22, 2009


I joined another photography group last night. SL Photo Club. We went down town and shot some pictures. It was so much fun to shoot with people. It would have been a little scary taking these by myself alone at night. Here's what I got. I should have worked my flash a little different, but next time I'll know.

This is the sky walk. I used a gelled orange flash for the bottom half.

This one is a little hard to see because the front is blurred over. You can see the front of the train right in the middle if you around the blue circle.

This is the main library. I just shot this waiting for the train. I didnt have my flash out and was surprised I got it this sharp for hand holding the camera.


Sara Burgess Schwartz said...

Your pictures are amazing Summer!! You do a really good job!! That sounds like fun joining a group.

Heidi said...

That would be fun. Man I wish I had paid more attention in that mini photography class we took in highschool! Remember that???

Summer said...

I definitely remember that. That's when it all started for me!

Alicia said...

Way cool, Summer