Friday, August 1, 2008

Most Daring Interview

So I think I mentioned earlier that I was asked to be on another TV show for my bike accident. The show is called Most Daring. We were finally able to fit the interveiw in the day after we got back from the Redwoods. I was a little nervous because the day before I think I got a flu bug.

The morning we were supposed to come home, I could hardly stand up. In fact, when I decided to take a shower I stood up, made it to the bathroom and bent over the sink. A second later I found myself on the floor. Matt came in, asked if I was ok and then I almost threw up. I probably would have if I had anything in my stomach. Sadly, I was again reminded what pregnancy was like and decided that kid number two would still be a little while. Luckily Matt was feeling a little better from his flu bug and was able to drive home while I slept.

Anyway, back to the interview. The next day I woke up with a head ache but felt a lot better. I managed to get the house somewhat decent looking and miraculaously by 4:30 I felt good enough to do the interview. It was so hot that day and I had to turn off the cooler because it was too loud for the taping. On top of that Im sure they were using heat lamps to light the scene. Hopefully I dont look too sweaty on the tape. I think the interview went good. This one was different from the CMT interview. They wanted it to be really dramatic and emotional. I had to tell them how I felt about every second as if it wasnt already apparant. One thing I hated on the CMT interveiw was how smiley I was. I dont think this one will be so smiley and should be better.

The twist to this interveiw is that they wanted to talk to Matt as well. He said he didnt like it but a least he got paid. Like any guy, Matt doesnt like to talk about his "feelings", so you can imagine. I wish I could have stayed and listened to his interview but Audrey was being naughty and we had to go outside. Oh well.

So for anyone who would like to see me make a fool of myself, yet again, the show is tentitively scheduled for September 17th at 9pm. It is called "Most Daring" and is on TruTV. BTW, let me know if you have this channel. I sure don't.

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