Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Bronze

I almost could I.

I'm sure people arn't as obsessed with my iStock page as I am so I thought I would make the announcement here as well. Yesterday I finally hit my goal of
Yeah. This means I get a cute little bronze icon by my name. I will also get 5% more commision on my sales and will be promoted though iStock's advertising. Also, one of the best parts is that I will get business cards, like a real job. OMGosh!!! Now I will be able to approach strangers and ask them if I can take their picture without looking like a dork. Business cards make you look unlike a dork.
Matt said I should throw a party for myself, he's such a nice guy. Maybe I will.

1 comment:

Shonnie said...

Way to go. Hey check out my blog it needs help. You look hot by the way.

Love ya