Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sand Dunes

Then, I was somehow talked into going to the Sand Dunes. It was not fun. We got a late start and it was hot hot. I did get some pictures which will make it worth it if I can make them Stock worthy. You will have to look at my iStock site in a few weeks to see if they were accepted.

First item on the agenda: Fill cup with sand

This isnt everyone, but I dont really love getting groups together for "the big shot". I just shot who was sitting there at the time. Works for me
Audrey had a hard time leaving Gramy's side the whole trip. She would say "Granny, Granny". Mom thought it sounded like "Rodney, Rodney"
It was HOT
Matt was such a good model. He actually volunteered this time! Probably, because I'm so mean if he rolls his eyes when I get my camera out. He took his shoes and shirt off to get some desolate looking pictures. Then we took some of his back flips. These are blurry (aagghh), so no stock.
These are the ones I'll send to the iStock people. We'll see if they like 'em

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Melinda said...

nothing like getting sand in every nook-n-cranny is there?